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Skull Life

Skull Life

Artists develop sketching and drawing skills often using universal objects from nature, Leonardo da Vinci infamously exhumed corpses for examination and study. A variety of sketching, drawing, and shading techniques can be honed using the quintessential human subject of the skull.  Work to create realistic three-dimensional skull drawing? Develop and demonstrate your ability to render form of a skull by analyzing the light and color of renderings of various skull images featured here.


Skull Life Drawings


Article: Using Meshes to Create a Detailed Skull in Adobe Illustrator

Examine Monika Zagrobelna’s tutorial featuring her striking digital rendition and illustration of the human skull by. Analyze and identify the overlapping areas where the artists renders pieced areas of the skull.


Comparative Anatomy

Comparative anatomy is the study of similarities and differences in the anatomy of organisms.

Terms and Concepts

Depth, the illusion of real space on a flat surface.

Form, a 3 dimensional object that has volume and takes up space.

Highlight, the lightest part of an object or form where light is hitting.

Light & Shade, creating shadows & direction of light to emphasis 3-D form.

Negative space, space surrounding or penetrating an object.

Organic form, free form, resembling living things, plants, rock, animals, humans.

Portrait, a picture of a persons face.

Proportion, relationship of parts of an object to their whole.

Shadow, the darker areas of a form or the shadow of the form.

Still life, an arrangement of forms to draw or paint from.


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