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Low Poly Graphics

Low Poly Graphics

Low Poly is a style of design that translates an image into a polygon tessellation using tree sided polygons. The sharp angles and fractal appearance give the subject a vibrant and striking style. There are numerous methods for creating a Low Poly image in Photoshop and Illustrator. The method featured in the tutorial below uses the Polygonal Lasso tool to select triangular areas of raster image and Average Blur Filter. The tutorial featured here is a condensed version a video tutorial by Blue Lightning TV.

Working with a symmetrical subject speed lines the process for you, for you can copy a completed half and paste it onto the other half and perform a reflection transformation.  As you build your Low Poly design, identify similar colors and values and create triangles around specific colors in the subject to define the form. Imply a direction to the shapes that match the shapes of color in the image to create a dynamic movement in the finished work. Draw different sized triangles, using small shapes to show details and gradients along with medium and large shapes to define the larger forms.

Low Poly Student Work

Tutorial: Low Poly Photoshop

Use the tutorial featured here to set up and construct you own Low Polygon design. As you progress through the steps, make special notes of the keyboard shortcuts that are highlighted in the tutorial, keyboard shortcuts help speed line repetitive tasks.

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