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Insects and Bugs

Insects and Bugs

Insects are the most numerous animals on the planet. Insects are animals that have six legs, three body parts, antennae, an exterior skeleton, and hatch from eggs. Entomology is the study of insects which are technically termed arthropods and are classified as invertebrates because their vertebrates are inverted to an outside shell. Bugs are technically a classification of a certain type of insect, but in colloquial terms or everyday use, bugs generally refer to spiders and centipedes as well.

In this lesson you will analyze the subject in terms of shape and form, identify the objects’ highlight, mid-tone and shadow areas as well as any line, pattern, or detail markings. Use the drawing guidelines to sketch a series of insects, after building a  variety of shading techniques create a finished drawing of the insect that includes the values and patterns that are evident.


Insect Drawings, Pen and Ink


Terms and Concepts

Composition, the arrangement of elements in a picture, forms, lines and shapes.

Crosshatching lines, a series of crossing lines to create values, esp. pen & ink.

Details, small aspects, about a subject, ex. patterns, textures, marks.

Form, a 3 dimensional object that has volume and takes up space.

Pattern, the repetition of lines, marks, shapes, or forms.

Texture, an element of design that refers to the surface, ex rough, smooth, fuzzy.

Project Rubric

Images used by permission, Drawings by Joe MacGown, Insect Drawings and Paintings I, Retrieved 01/21/2017

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