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Board Game Design

Board Game Design

Board games have a long and varied history from the early days of chess & checkers, to the 1930’s and the advent of Monopoly, Candy Land, and Risk. The most successful games established principles of game design that are adhered to by game developers today. A multitude of board games have been developed and with todays technology designers are able to develop and produce original game designs. Explore the resources that follow and begin to consider a game concept of your own.

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Varied Board Game Designs

Board games are a mix of strategy and chance with the goal of defeating opposing players through either race around or though a board, a collection of points or currency, physical occupation of a space, or a combination one or more. Most games are based around a central theme, occupy a table space, have a main goal, employ various scoring mechanisms, and provide players with resources and opportunities to advance against or past other players.

Analyze the resources provided and reflect on your own interests and ideas about a game. Establish a series of related images that you will use to construct the different components of your own game; game piece, board, dice, spinner, cards, tokens, etc..


Robot Rally

logo_game_02The Game Crafter is a company that produces and manufactures board game parts and components for custom games and gaming start-ups. Using their website game inventors are able to upload their own images and designs to a variety of products such as boards, pieces, dice, cards, and much more. The site also has the added feature of promoting and selling game products created by various users. Create an account so that you can access the different products, download templates, and create a mock up of a board game design.

View Mr. Fatta’s Board Game Magazine. Analyze the featured articles about board game design and apply your understanding to sketch out a board game that matches your field of interest. Identify your interests and develop a theme for your game board design. Establish a series of visual elements that relate to your central theme.


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Pocket Monster Game Card Studies


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