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Form and Value

Form and Value

By shading with different values of gray artists can create the illusion of space and form in their drawings. Properly positioning the highlight, mid-tone, and shadow areas artists can make a basic shape can look like is has real three dimensional form. Study the featured images below, analyze and identify where the artists placed the different shades of gray to create feeling of form in the image. In this project understand that by applying different pressures on the pencil or charcoal, the darker the values become. Create a series of quick thumbnails on a page in your sketchbook, use various still life items provided in the classroom or at home. After sketching out a few line drawings with basic shading, begin full page, 20 minute drawing that you will showcase your most effective methods. Espanol


Pencil and Charcoal Drawings



After close examination of the still life forms featured at your work station, sketch a composition of five to seven forms together in a scene. Apply the shading concepts and techniques that we practiced and render the effects of light on a three dimensional form. Either draw from direct observation of the arranged objects or construct your own virtual still life by predicting how the objects appear if they were arranged together.


Article Still Life in Pencil
“Still Life is the best subject in art for learning and teaching the skills of drawing and painting. It teaches you how to look at objects and see them like an artist.” Temporary alt link


50+ Still life drawing ideas for Art students
Gale Amiria features a variety of different artistic styles and compositions in pencil and charcoal. Analyze the value placements to create consistent highlights and shadows on the objects within the composition. alt link





Still Life Rubrics



Arcade Assessment – Fatta Feud Sketchbook
We surveyed 100 people top six answers on the board, name an art it’s technique when studying something new.



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