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Digital Tutors

Digital Tutors

Digital Tutors is a video tutorial service that will guide students through the basic workings of a program. Students are required to create a free account with using their Google email account. Assessments within the Digital Tutors site will be included within students’ overall assessment. Digital Tutors teaches students, developing artists and designers, and creative professionals how to make movies, games, digital art and more. Free demo accounts are provided and students will view the coursework video from home.

Autodesk Maya

DT_ScreenShot01Beginners Guide to Maya
In this series of free Maya tutorials Digital Tutors will be teaching you the essential workflows, terms and techniques to help you get started with Maya. Google Drive Link


DigitalTutors_Maya_Intro2015Introduction to Maya 2015
This in-depth Maya 2015 tutorial is designed to help students get a solid understanding of the core features found in Maya and help ease the transition into this very powerful program. Google Drive link.


DigitalTutors_Maya_BeginModelBeginners Guide to Maya
In this Maya tutorial students will learn the basics of working with 3d models in Maya. Digital Tutors will take an introductory look into modeling so students can learn essential terms and definitions and build a solid foundation in computer graphics.

Adobe After Effects

DT_AfterEffects_QSQuick Start to After Effects Volume 1
In this volume students will learn the foundational skills for working in Adobe After Effects, become familiar with the interface, and understand the basic functions of the program. Students will also be introduced to the basic principles of animation.


Beginners Guide To After Effects Students will explore the essential terms and definitions needed to build a strong foundation in computer graphics. Students will understand what motion graphics and compositing are and know how to manage projects, compositions, layers.

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