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Art Education

Job Search

The following links are job search engines that will help to find a job in the Middletown area. When applying for a position it is good to...

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Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are convientent way for graphic artist to hone their computer graphic skills and become fluent in a variety of software...

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Color Harmony Explorer

Find seven designs on the Internet and save them into your Fatta Pictures folder. Open the Color Explorer by clicking the image to the...

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Color Wheel

Aim: What is a color wheel and how do designers use it to organize colors for designs? How do designers group colors to create harmony...

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Georgia OKeeffe – Biography

Georgia O’Keeffe was born in Wisconsin in 1887. She longed to be an artist from an early age. When she was 18 she attended the Art...

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Bird Vectors

Birds have been the study of many artists throughout history, most notably the artist John J. Audubon. Audubon was a renown ornithologist...

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Color Wheel Tutorial

The Additive Color System is the system of color that utilizes colored lights to display color. This system of color is used in computer...

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Stuart Davis

Stuart Davis was 16 when his family moved to New Jersey where he studied art in New York City. There he became inspired by the excitement...

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Subtractive Color Paint Cans 1.7


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