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Birds – Orinthology

Birds – Orinthology

Birds have been the study of many artists throughout history, most notably the artist John J. Audubon. Audubon was a renown ornithologist who became famous for his extensive study of North American birds and the detailed illustrations that depicted birds in their native habitat. His master work Birds of America is considered the greatest ornithological work ever created and lead to his fame. He was particularly famous in Europe and Scotland where he traveled extensively while publishing his book, there he was revered as the “American Woodsman”. Born in Haiti in 1785 he was the son of a french sailor. At an early age he was interested in birds, nature, drawing, painting, and music. In 1803, when he was 18, his father sent him to America to avoid the Napoleanic Wars and the Haitian Revolution of the late 1790’s. He lived for a while as a hunter and a woodsman, surviving with only a gun and his art supplies. Analyzing and painting hundreds of birds he published Birds of America. His name was an inspiration for the creation of the National Audubon Society, an organization that works to protect birds and their environment. Click here to view Birds of America.

Audubon’s Birds

Botanical Illustrations with Birds

 The Goldfinch


 Tutorial – The Goldfinch Form

Tutorial – The Goldfinch Patterns

 The Nuthatch

Red Breasted Nuthatch

 Tutorial – The Nuthatch Form

Tutorial – The Nuthatch Details

The Bluebird


Tutorial | Bluebird


Student Works


Tutorial  – Cardinal Shapes

Tutorial – Goldfinch Shapes


Cedar Waxwing

Bird_cedar_waxwing Image Source: Glenn Bartley/Vireo, Audubon,

Blue Jay


King Fisher

bird_king_fisher Image Source: Belted Kingfisher male on his fishing perch, (Ceryle Alcyon); Tuthill, SD; September Image Link:

King Fisher

bird_king_fisher_02 Image Courtesy, Lucus Bobay, Ringed Kingfisher, Image Link: Lucas Bobay

Baltimore Oriole

bird_baltimore_oriole Image Source: Brian E. Small/Vireo, Image Source:

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