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Art Education

Arcade Assessment

Arcade Assessment

Game design has been an up and coming field for many years. The advance of 3D software has propelled the industry into the mainstream of the entertainment business combining live action with Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) to create feature films. The field of game design often combines aspects of animation and similar techniques and software. Game design offers a visual artists a variety of career options in the field of game design, animation, 3D modeling, software development, and more.

CPU Bugs

Help Mr. Fatta battle CPU bugs by using the directional arrows on the key board to move him and knock the bugs away, land safely and come to a stop. Refresh the page to restart.

Family Feud – Form & Space

Here it comes! It’s television’s most exciting hour! With fantastic prizes. It’s the Family Feud with the star of the show Mr. Fatta.

We surveyed 100 people top 6 answers on the board here’s the question, name a tool or technique an artist uses to create space and depth in a picture.

Family Feud – Google Portfolio

We surveyed 100 people top 4 answers on the board here’s the question, name something you need to do to put a picture in your Google Porfolio.



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